CentOS is one of the most popular Linux-based server Operating Systems to choose from. It's employed by a lot of hosting suppliers, as it is very stable, reliable and secure, not to mention that it can be customized freely, because it is an open-source OS. CentOS is used for production servers, for the reason that it is also really quick and takes minimal system resources. What's more, you will be able to set up and run any web application, as long as it can function on a Linux equipment. If you use a CentOS-powered server, you can customize any part of your Operating System according to your preferences. The fact that CentOS is free means that you'll have to pay only for your server, and not for any license fees, that will lower your overall expenses. A vast community of developers and users stands behind CentOS, therefore in case you ever have any kind of problems, or you are simply unsure how to perform a certain task, you'll be able to find a solution right away. An important benefit of the OS is also the fact that each and every release is officially supported and updated for at least 10 years, which means that you will always have a secure and reliable software environment.
CentOS in VPS Servers
You can pick CentOS for your new VPS server through the registration process. We supply 32-bit and 64-bit versions, in order to give you the option to choose the one which is more suitable for the applications that you would like to install and run. CentOS supports various hosting Control Panels, and you will have a choice between cPanel, Hepsia and DirectAdmin, according to what you intend to do - to set up a separate account for each domain name hosted on the server and even to start your reseller business, or to host all your domain names at the same time and control the server as one single account. You'll also have the choice to get the VPS with no Control Panel in case you need a machine with CentOS, however devoid of the extra software that is provided with the Control Panels. In this way, you can set up web or database servers which are different from the default ones which we provide.
CentOS in Dedicated Servers
You will be able to obtain CentOS with each and every dedicated server which we provide, as 32-bit and 64-bit releases of the OS are among the options which you can pick on the registration page. CentOS is compatible with all three web hosting Control Panels that we offer, so you're able to pick Hepsia, DirectAdmin or cPanel to be installed on the server. The first is suitable for less experienced users who require a powerful hosting solution, because a Hepsia-equipped server is controlled like a single very large account, whereas the other two Control Panels allow you to create a number of hosting accounts on the server and even to resell the website hosting space. If you need CentOS without any additional software, you will be able to select a server setup without Control Panel at all. You can then add only the software that you need. We also offer a Managed Services upgrade, that features weekly CentOS updates.