The administration of a virtual or a dedicated server is different than that of an ordinary shared hosting account, therefore if you need a server of your own for site content or offline applications, you could run into challenges that you have not faced before. All system tasks on a shared hosting server are addressed by the host company, but if you have your own hosting server, all these tasks are something you need to take care of. If a process freezes for whatever reason, for example, or if the overload on the hosting machine increases tremendously, you will have to take measures to restore the correct operation of the machine. Doing that could be a challenge if you have never managed a hosting machine before and you don't have lots of experience, so if that's the case, you could use the Managed Services upgrade that we offer. Along with other management tasks, you'lldiscover a Monitoring & Rebooting service within the package, so our administrators can keep a watchful eye on your machine 24/7 and restart it if required.
Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Servers
If you choose to host your sites or offline programs on one of the VPS hosting plans we provide, you'll be able to add the Managed Services upgrade any time and from that moment on our admins will monitor your entire system closely. Automated checks for many different processes shall be activated and our seasoned team will be notified the minute some unforeseen issue appears - a script which is not responding, a frozen process, an application which takes too much physical memory or CPU processing time, and so forth. Our administrators shall identify what caused the issue and will resolve it or will reboot the hosting machine if necessary so that it can continue its proper functioning. The Monitoring & Rebooting part of the Managed Services pack will save you money and time as you will not have to pay to a third-party enterprise to monitor your server remotely, not mentioning that they cannot access your hosting server to do anything in case an issue appears.
Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers
Adding the Managed Services package to your dedicated server plan is as basic as clicking a button on the order page or in your billing Cp and provided that the service is enabled, our system admins will keep tabs on all system processes on your server 24/7 in order to make certain that everything is operating precisely how it has to. An automated system shall alert them as soon an issue presents itself, so they can troubleshoot it to find out what created it and will then take care of it immediately. Frozen processes, software elements that have shut down or applications that employ a lot of physical memory are merely a few examples of the things our experienced team will look for and handle. A third-party monitoring company can only inform you that there is some issue with a particular system service, but they will lack the means to do anything about it because they will not be able to access your machine.